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The available *Veterinary Specialist 2-Multiple Positions* is an intermediate level position for a veterinary technician at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. There is a requirement of at least two years of clinical experience preferably in a veterinary hospital setting prior to applying for this position. Basic veterinary technician skills are expected including but not limited to venipuncture, peripheral intravenous catheter placement, performing basic physical exams, knowledge of appropriate species normal vitals, and appropriate animal restraint. Some familiarity with the common veterinary equipment such as blood pressure monitors, EKG machines, and gas anesthesia machines is also necessary. At the intermediate level there is also some expectation of some exposure to the more advanced skills such as urinary catheter placement, more developed triage skills, challenging patient restraint ability, multiple site capability for IVC placement, etc. Incumbents will need to have good communication skills and the ability to work as a team. The Veterinary Teaching hospital currently has 17 different departments that may have a position open. See below for the current department openings.

*Veterinary Specialist 2 – Critical Care*
The WSU Critical Care is a 24/7 fully staffed fast growing service. Licensed technicians are always on duty helping to oversee and assist with patient stabilization and treatments. This team of outstanding professionals provide compassionate care at the highest level using the latest tools, medicines, and techniques. The staff handles the critically ill and emergent patients with round the clock observation and therapy. Technician duties include peripheral and central intravenous line placement, canine and feline urinary catheter placement, pain assessment, administering constant rate infusions, monitoring vitals including direct and indirect blood pressure, ECG monitoring, and patient advocacy. Duties will also include performing and/or assisting with thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, administering blood transfusions, and performing CPR. This position is involved with helping to develop the emergency and critical care knowledge of the 4th year veterinary students. Therefore, good communication and teaching skills are needed.

*Veterinary Specialist 2 –Technician Float* This position provides the widest variety of experience in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Members of this team may be asked to work in any one of the other services throughout the hospital on any given day. Experience with dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, and small wildlife is desired. Training in all departments will allow these team members to become well rounded in all aspects of veterinary technician training. If you like variety and are just as happy working in the operating room as you are in critical care than this is the position for you. At this level members of the Float team will also receive specialty training to allow them to help work with the Oncology Radiation Team on the Linear Accelerator, and I -131 animals. Float techs will also be assisting our Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner with underwater treadmill therapy, therapeutic exercise, and low light laser therapy. There will also be some advanced training in therapeutic ultrasound and E-Stim. This unique training will make you an invaluable member of any team.

*Veterinary Specialist 2 – Oncology Technician*
We are looking for a technician who is a good team player and has exceptional patient care skills. As part of the oncology team, you will work closely with our clients and their pets and assist the veterinarians in performing radiation and chemotherapy treatments as well as follow up care. As an added plus you will be trained to help run the Linear Accelerator for the radiation treatments, a unique opportunity for any veterinary technician. To be successful in this position you need to have a strong work ethic and good communication skills, and be an effective patient advocate. Organizational skills and solid all around technical skills are important, especially atraumatic intubation and intravenous catheter placement. Come help us provide compassion and individualized care to our oncology patients and their family.

*Veterinary Specialist 2 – Anesthesia Technician*
will work in collaboration with the hospital’s anesthesiologists to coordinate patient anesthesia schedules, check pre-op work ups, administer pre-op and induction medications, intubate and maintain an appropriate level of sedation or anesthesia. This position will also be involved with venous and arterial catheterization, and patient instrumentation as appropriate for the procedure. At this level you will be expected to have the ability to manage up to an ASA 3 level case with minimal support. Managing these cases means you will be working in conjunction with clinicians and students to handle technical problems related to the delivery of anesthesia to patients which may include but is not limited to addressing inappropriate anesthetic depths, changes to cardiovascular status, recognizing cardiac arrhythmias, and trouble-shooting monitor or equipment issues. There will also be some clinical teaching and mentoring to the fourth year veterinary students. This position will work with both large and small animal patients and therefore must have experience with both. You will oversee and be expected to complete medical records to maintain patient data essential for accurate anesthesia records as well as insure proper charge capture. This position will also be trained to perform various analgesic blocks such as epidurals, dental blocks and brachial plexus blocks. There will be occasional on-call responsibilities. The expected schedule for this position will be Monday through Friday 10:30am to 7:00pm.

Source: Washington State University: All Jobs