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The scientific associate hired in this position will perform research primarily in the laboratory but also in the greenhouse and occasionally in the field related to plant cell wall synthesis and regulation, and vegetative development, including performing cell wall assays, gene cloning and molecular biology, plant transformation, plant genotyping, and plant gene expression analysis. The hire will: design research approaches and identify and define research problems; Collect, analyze and interpret research data; Ensure quality control, make improvement to techniques and interpretation; Assist in preparing journal publications and progress reports etc.; Manage and maintain daily laboratory records and operations; Conduct general laboratory maintenance and routine care of scientific instrumentation; order supplies, keep inventory records and maintain a safe working environment. The approximate breakdown among essential tasks is: 35% research and experiments, 25% data management and analysis, 25% laboratory operations and research support, 10% supervision and training of lab members, 5% other.

Source: Washington State University: All Jobs