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This position will perform professional-level work in support of the research and apiary maintenance activities of the WSU Honey Bee Program. The incumbent will perform a wide range of duties including improving and implementing a variety of laboratory and field techniques to contribute to the timely completion and success of sponsored research projects. Create and maintain accurate and timely records of test results to provide Principle Investigator (PI) with information to evaluate direction of research; apply standard quality control procedures to assure accuracy of field research results and make recommendations to PI as requested. Operate and perform maintenance on specialized beekeeping equipment; maintain supply inventories; conduct seasonal duties associated with honey extraction, requeening and placement of WSU research colonies, and participate in meetings with PI to evaluate operational procedures impacting the quality or timeliness of the research.
The incumbent will supervise the activities of students and hourly employees participating in research in the field, the laboratory, and bee facility. They will also work with other technical staff and scientists to achieve project goals, including the care and maintenance of live honey bee colonies..
This job involves working with stinging insects on a daily basis. While working with these colonies, we wear protective gear to protect the face and arms but we do not wear gloves.

Source: Washington State University: All Jobs