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*The College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University seeks a distinguished academic leader to be Director of the School of Molecular Biosciences (smb.wsu.edu).*

This tenured appointment offers an exciting opportunity for leadership in developing new strategic initiatives and in advancing established areas of departmental excellence in pioneering biomedical research, and innovative teaching of undergraduate and graduate students. There are opportunities for substantial departmental faculty growth over the next 5 years.

*Departmental Excellence in Research and Teaching:*
The School of Molecular Biosciences (SMB) was formed over 20 years ago from the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Department of Microbiology and Program in Cell Biology and Genetics. Our research mission employs molecular, cellular, and structural techniques to provide new biological insights that will contribute to the intellectual and physical well-being of society. Research expertise in the School represents the broad disciplines of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Cell and Developmental Biology/Genetics, and Microbiology/Infectious Disease. The research focus in SMB is on the application of functional genomics and other molecular techniques to 1) chromosome biology and DNA repair mechanisms, 2) animal reproduction and development, and 3) the biology of bacteria, archaea, and viruses as well as their role in pathogenesis and immunology. The School also performs educational research directed at enhancing instruction, learning, cognition, mentoring, and teacher training. The School is responsible for three undergraduate degree programs in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Genetics and Cellular Biology. Faculty and trainees also serve scientific societies, local and federal funding agencies, non-profit foundations, and other educational programs through volunteered efforts both nationally and internationally.

*Reporting Structure / Funding / Faculty-Graduate Student Supervision:*
The Director of SMB is responsible to the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. The College consists of five academic departments whose broad mission is research, teaching, and service in biomedical and clinical sciences. SMB has 24 permanent and 6 teaching faculty members and a growing graduate program.

*The Director of the School of Molecular Biosciences* will be an individual with outstanding academic credentials who can articulate a clear vision for leading and developing the department while promoting a broadly shared sense of collegiality, mutual respect, and support within the department, college, and university. The successful candidate is expected to have developed and sustained a productive, nationally and internationally recognized, extramurally funded research program complementary to the existing department and college strengths.
In addition, he or she will have a record of excellence in graduate education. The Directors’ portfolio will include fiscal management of SMB, participation in and promotion of mentoring and professional development for faculty members in research, teaching, and service, fostering of evidence-based teaching methods, curricular development and scholarship in teaching.

Source: Washington State University: All Jobs