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The WSU Institute for Shock Physics is seeking to hire a Laser/Optical Physicist to work with scientists and engineers at a first-of-a-kind experimental user facility: The Dynamic Compression Sector (DCS) at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), Argonne National Laboratory. We are looking to hire an experimentalist who enjoys hands-on work and problem solving in a fast-paced, research environment. Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:
-Participate in the operation of the 100-Joule laser for laser-shock research activities, contribute to the design and conduct of laser-shock experiments, and work with scientific users. This also includes quantifying and archiving the laser performance for each shot.
-Working with other laser experts, document and maintain safe operating procedures related to the laser and its control areas at the DCS.
-Participate in the design, development, and use of optical equipment and systems, for laser-interferometry measurements and other laser-based diagnostics.
-Work with the DCS users to prepare for experiments in advance. This includes providing guidelines for experimental design, as well as personnel safety and equipment operating procedures.
-Contribute effectively to all aspects of the various research projects including assistance to DCS users; optimal and safe operations of the experimental facilities; ensure availability of experimental components, equipment and supplies; enhancement of experimental capabilities; and working effectively in a team setting to advance the DCS research mission.
-Independently define and complete experimental projects and tasks; conduct and analyze research experiments and prepare reports and publications as appropriate.

Source: Washington State University: All Jobs