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The Assistant Director of Tribal Relations and Recruitment assists the Executive Director of Tribal Relations and Special Assistant to the Provost in establishing and strengthening partnerships and advancing mutual goals between WSU and Native American tribal nations in a way that honors their sovereignty. This position is responsible for knowing and staying current on state and federal legislation that impacts WSU’s responsibilities to Native American tribal government, peoples, students and partnerships; and assists the Executive Director in system-wide, strategic efforts to raise awareness and knowledge of tribal governance, legislation, consultation practices and Native American student recruitment that should take place among administration, faculty, and staff. In addition, the Assistant Director develops opportunities and engages in activities that strengthen WSU’s visibility among Native American nations, organizations, and potential students. The Assistant Director coordinates and organizes efforts that foster tribal and urban Native American communities relationships and mutual goals (e.g., arranges travel or visits, conduct visits to tribal communities, facilitates meetings or workshops, develops curriculum or resource materials, creates media releases, etc.). The Assistant Director oversees all Native American recruitment activities on and off campus (e.g., develop outreach plan, visit tribal and urban Native American communities, conduct presentations, facilitate campus visits, record keeping, monitor budget, etc.).

Source: Washington State University: All Jobs