PNNL Wins Six R&D 100 Honors

The R&D 100 Awards, now in its 58th year, recognize pioneering scientific technologies from industry, the federal government, and academia. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has been the recipient of 116 awards since the program’s inception. This year’s PNNL winners include:   Millimeter-wave shoe scanner uses imaging to detect concealed objects in footwear and can […]

SIGN and PNNL Develop New Imaging Technique to Read Half-Million Fracture X-Rays

SIGN Fracture Care International, located in the Tri-Cities Research District, manufactures stainless steel nails used in surgeries to treat long bone fractures in third-world countries. The firm estimates that SIGN-trained doctors have treated 250,000 patients over the past 20 years. During that time, the company has accumulated 500,000 X-rays of various procedure images and outcomes. […]

PNNL Taps Twitter to Determine National Perspectives on Covid-19 Response

In addition to tracking active diseases, like Covid-19, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) scientists are also tracking public reaction to the Covid-19 threat by data mining and analyzing four million tweets a day related to the pandemic. WatchOwl, a program funded by PNNL, is part of a broader research program at the laboratory to analyze […]

New Hanford Cleanup Contractor to Start Work in October

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a $10 billion, 10-year contract to a consortium of well-known, established companies with extensive Hanford Site experience. The consortium, known as the Central Plateau Cleanup Company, is owned by a team lead by Amentum, formerly AECOM, and includes Fluor Federal Services and Atkins Nuclear Secured. The contract award was […]

Software Developed at PNNL Provided Early Alert to Covid-19

Text analysis software developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory began tracking a new, unidentified viral pneumonia spreading across China in December 2019. A month later it had a name, Covid-19. The software, called BioFeeds, is used by dozens of U.S. government agencies to monitor open-source text information worldwide to identify active and potential biological, chemical, […]

Register Now for Specialized Small Business Training Sessions

Commerce announced that it will offer free weekly online training seminars for rural, minority, veteran and woman-owned businesses beginning September 30. The ScaleUp Training Series covers subjects such as increasing revenue, strengthening your product or service, creating a competitive advantage, improving your marketing strategy, and better understanding financial statements and key business drivers and metrics. […]

Tri-Cities Ranks in Top 10 as Best Place to Raise Kids

Personal finance website SmartAsset ranked the Tri-Cities 9th among 200 metro areas as one of the Best Places to Raise Kids in America. The Tri-Cities was the only metro area listed in the top 20 located in the Pacific Northwest. The rankings are based on the percentage of the population that are children, housing costs […]

New ‘Experience Audit’ Developed at WSU Helps Wineries Re-Open

A new customer audit tool was developed by Byron Marlowe, WSU Tri-Cities professor and director of wine and business management at the WSU Wine Science Center, located in the Tri-Cities Research District. The customer audit is designed to help wineries re-open and recover during the COVID-19 pandemic. By identifying components of what Marlowe calls the […]

Research District Company Receives Approval For First Small Nuclear Reactor Design​

Research District Company Receives Approval For First Small Nuclear Reactor Design The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Committee approved the design of the first small modular nuclear reactor (SMR). The approval marks the final phase of the technical review for safety of NuScale’s SMR design.  In 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy contributed $16.6 million to NuScale […]

PNNL To Participate In New Quantum Information Research Centers​

PNNL To Participate In New Quantum Information Research Centers The U.S. Department of Energy will provide more than $1 billion to create five new Quantum Information Research centers nationwide with PNNL researchers deeply involved in three of them. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), located in the Tri-Cities Research District (TCRD), will play a major role in […]